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Engage in a unique experience of career exposure and clinical immersion!

The purpose of the Medical Immersion Summer Academy (MISA) program is to expose Pre-med/Pre-health high school students to a hands-on experience in a variety of health care settings that will provide them with a competitive edge. Mentoring in Medicine & Science partners with local health institutions and programs such as:  Alameda Health Systems, Samuel Merritt University, and private clinicians in the area to bring this valuable experience to high school students in the Bay Area.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Introductions to clinical research seminars 
  • VIP lunches with health professionals

  • Direct patient observation and medical procedures

  • Our patented “Step into the shoes of an MD” skill and patient case workshops

  • Didactic discussions with medical doctors

  • Health Professional shadowing in an Emergency Department

  • Simulation Lab for medical procedures

  • Hands on training of medical techniques/procedures including: EKG, Suturing, CPR, Splinting and taking Vitals

Hands-On Experience In a Variety of Health Care Settings

“The best part of the experience was the opportunity to see what exactly the life of someone in the medical field looks like. I really liked talking to Dr. Jocelyn because she gave us great insight and I felt like it helped me realize the difficulties and the rewards of entering the medical field.” – MISA Student

Networking Opportunities

“The combination of exposure to the skills/activities AND the opportunity to interact with folks further along the path (premeds, med students, doctors). This made it all VERY tangible.” – MISA Parent